PS4, PS3, PS vita, iOS, Android

Contribution : 3D Environment Art, UI design

- Featured in 15 Most Beautiful Games on Appstore 2015
Entwined is a vibrant, abstract action arcade game about two souls who are in love but can’t be together. These souls are represented by a bird and a fish, which you must learn to control simultaneously. 

I worked on environment art(modeling, texturing) and user experience design.  

You can find behind the scene of the Entwined development process here.
Entwined: An Introspective Look Back at Pixelopus’ Emotional Debut

Environment Art

  Entwined was not about one specific character nor historical background but about abstract and imaginary spaces that represents emotions. So, the mood curve was designed to recreate the feelings of a specific chapter. As an environment artist, I selected the colors for the first and built the sets around the metaphor of the mood we wanted to deliver. We believed that the rich colors and the mood could communicate ups and downs of the lifetime better. For the last chapter we wanted to give a relaxed and nostalgic feeling, so we brought back little bits of every level with beautifully faded color to make it feel like memories from the past.

UI Design