Above the Cherry Blossom

This animation was my study about non-realistic rendering. I concentrated on Asian painting style mapping. I used Cinema4D projection mapping and self illuminated material to mimnic the vibe of asian painting.

This animation is inspired by Korean painting, famous for its use of negative space. There is large negative space and it doesn’t have boundary between sky, river, and mountains. 

Parkyeon Falls

- Exhibited in Sin Jin Kyung (Another New Discovery) Exhibition at Gyeomjae Jeongseon Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea, 2012
- Exhibited in Technology, meet Tradition’ at Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul, South Korea, 2011
Parkyeon falls is inspired by Korean painting. Asian paintings does not express three dimensional space, it instead appeals zen and large negative space. This animation is an attempt to make two dimensional painting into three dimensional space.